Kate Walsh is Back in Grey's Anatomy for Season 19

By : Rahul Pic Credit : TV Fanatic

Fans favorite, Kate Walsh is back in Grey's Anatomy.

Pic Credit : Eonline

The makers of the show have confirmed that she will be the part of season 19.

Pic Credit : Cosmopolitan

Kate Walsh will reprise her role of Dr. Addison Montgomery in season 19.

Pic Credit : Hollywood Life

Kate appeared in few episodes of season 18 but she will have full stint in season 19.

Pic Credit : ABC News

Kate Walsh first appeared in the show in the finale of season 1.

Pic Credit : Tribune

Kate Walsh gave the news of her return in the show through an Instagram video.

Pic Credit : People

She said that returning in the show is like back in hometown.

Pic Credit : Eonline