Charlie Vickers Didn't Know His Character was Sauron

The first season of The Rings of Power has come to an end and with its end a huge mystery has also been uncovered.

At the end of the season we all learn that Halbrand is not the last king of the Southlands but Sauron.

It is shown at the end of the season that Galadriel learns that the last king of the Southlands has already died 1000 years ago.

Galadriel then asks Halbrand for his reality, after which she learns that he is none other than Sauron.

But do you know that even Charlie Vickers, who played Halbrand in the show, did not know that his character Halbrand is actually Sauron.

Charlie Vickers finds out in the third episode that he also has a character of Sauron when he filmed the sequence.

Charlie VickerS revealed that he was a little skeptical about his character as he was asked to play the devil in Paradise Lost during the audition.

Charlie told that he only suspected that there was something wrong with his character and when he came to know about both his characters, he played them well.